Fancourt's corporate social responsibility endeavours are central to our philosophy of making an unselfish contribution to society. We support the following organisations:


George Child and Family Welfare Society

When people visit George they see the wealth and beauty our town has to offer, but more often than not they do not see the pain and suffering caused by the high incidences of unemployment, poverty, HIV and abuse of women and children. It is no secret that many NGO’s and non-profit organizations in South Africa struggle to keep their heads financially above water, and The George Child and Family Welfare Society (GCFW) is no exception.

Founded in 1926 by the then major of George to care for abused, neglected and abandoned children, the organisation was on the verge of closing down in 2000, with donations and financial support running dry.  Thanks to the support of Fancourt and Sabine Plattner African Charities who provides much-needed funds that allow GCFW to continue its good work.  Today, GCFW is one of the most successful non-profit organizations, not only in George and the Southern Cape, but in the whole of South Africa. 

Though their main aim is still to care for vulnerable children, GCFW has managed to expand to helping the children’s families, as well as uplifting the rest of the community.  It renders the following services:

  • Foster care placement
  • Food support
  • Educare centres